Skin to Skin Interactive Clients

Sensual & Aerobic

Expected Outcome:
The Awakening and Gratification of the Senses

  • Prefers wearing little to no clothing

  • Client Objective: Mind and body arousal

  • Body heat due to internal and external stimuli

  • Pleasure centered

  • Order of Events:

    • Stimulation

    • Excitement

    • Rest

  • Increased blood flow

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Frequent hand and body movements

  • Lip movement increases along with lip landing desires

  • Thought processes increase

    • Sexual and/or Non-sexual

  • Increased breathing

  • Believes touch is a precursor to sexual activity

  • Expectation of performance

  • Feels entitled to touch – Unilateral
    "I want to be the main focus." Reciprocation is minimal or non-existent.


  • Intention: Sexual satisfaction

  • Prefers to ejaculate and relieve tension during a session to end the distraction.

Traditional Interactive Clients

Platonic & Anaerobic

Expected Outcome:
The Awakening of a Connection


  • Fully clothed - Feels clothing is not impeding

  • Client Objective: Mind and body relaxation

  • Body cooling within. Heat on the skin due to body to body contact

  • Nurture centered

  • Slower pace
    Promotes calmness from start to finish


  • Decreased blood flow

  • Decreased blood pressure

  • Limited hand and body movements

  • Lip movement and lip landing desires are low or non-existent

  • Thought processes decrease

    • Meditative and Connective

  • Slower breathing

  • Believes touch is enough as it is. Feels it is an end to itself.

  • No expectations – No pressure

  • Mutual touch is preferred – Bilateral
    "I want us both to receive pleasure."


  • Intention: Platonic and friendly

  • Prefers to ejaculate and relieve tension before a session to avoid the distraction.


Listed are some common traits and experiences I've encountered during each session type, with some variations. Whichever session you'd prefer, there is no "script" to go by. Me knowing your preference in advance gives me an idea of the room setup and how to dress.


Note: It is important that you know the kind of touch you want to receive. If you request a Traditional treatment because it's cheaper and expect to get Skin to Skin results, you will be HIGHLY disappointed.


You will receive the treatment you ask for! I will respect your boundaries!