Q: What should I wear for my appointment?
A. Tradition Attire: Fully dressed or pajamas.
A. Skin to Skin Attire: Dress to allow abundant skin to skin contact.
Q: What will you be wearing?
A. Tradition Attire: Yoga pants and a relaxed fit t-shirt.
A. Skin to Skin Attire: Spaghetti top, tank top, shorts, shapewear. It will depend upon my mood.
Q: What happens first?
A. You will be asked to wash your hands. We will proceed from there. There is no "script" to follow.

Q: What can I expect?
A. We can sit, lie or do something in between (chat, hair and scalp stroking, eye gazing, skin stroking, synchronized breathing, hand holding, etc.). I am open to suggestions.
This is your time to receive the love and attention that you deserve. All that is required is that WE are comfortable and relaxed. My sessions are intended to give you the feeling that you are not alone.
We all need to feel the warmth and closeness of another to feel whole.  I am here to help you achieve that. You will receive the sort of touch needed that will encourage you to feel your best.
Q: What about natural reactions?
A. Click
HERE for additional information.
Q: Payments accepted?
A. Cash is accepted before the start of our session.

Q: Are tips accepted?
A. Tipping would be greatly appreciated, but is not expected.

Q: Do you travel?
A. Click
HERE for additional information.